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  1. cazzate says:

    Wedi tkabo is new to “sdet” and he thinks he can profess about our unity while appeasing the ill wishers of our beloved eritrea. He should keep low key for now so that he does not make a mistake that might hamper his musical career. Remember that while professing unity, one can easily accomplish the opposite. So he needs to be very careful about his position in the eritrean diaspora.
    We are very sensitive when it comes to our motherland. You have to live it to understand it, so i suggest you take your time.

    • Rewina says:

      Wedi tkabo is right on. His new song is
      Very timely we’ve to stand for what we
      believe that’s in our blood. We can’t
      Ignore to what is happening to our youth
      and how that’s affecting our family!

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