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Prisoners Without Trial in Eritrea

Journalist Dawit Issak is one of the many prisoners in #Eritrea held incommunicado, without trial #freedawitisaak — roberta deambrosi (@robideambrosi) December 6, 2013

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Dictatorship Minds

It is widely understood only now that the people within Eritrea have been dis-empowered over the 22 long years that they have been led by Isaias Afeworki (IA) and his band of dictators. Living...

Wedi Tikabo – New Song : Hadinetna 2

Wedi Tikabo – New Song : Hadinetna

New song #Hadinetna by #WediTikabo! #Eritrea — HbretErtrawiyan (@Hadnnet) November 18, 2013 New Wedi Tekabo Hadnetna 2013 Hadenetna Lyrics via @youtube — Eden United As One (@Eden_Eritrea) December 1, 2013